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What is a Furrl?

A Furrl is a cute game character that you can use in various games in the Furrl World. There are many different Furrls, like rabbits, foxes, hamsters and other ravishing characters.

Super Fluffy Self-learning NFT Critters

Players can collect these Furrls and grow their abilities, customize their looks and train their neural network brains to get smarter in the many games in which they can participate. Think you got a well trained Furrl? Maybe you trade it as an NFT on the Furrl marketplace.


Different Furrls have different skills and abilities. Choose wisely which Furrl to train for which game and role in the team. The abilities differ both cognitively as physically: think of dashing, stunning, leaping and pushing.


Furrls can wear different items and clothes that will slightly influence their capabilities. Unlock and win the items, put them on your Furrl, and watch ‘m shine.

Furrl Football

In Furrl football you are the coach and your Furrls do that ‘battling’! On the training pitch you show your Furrl how the game works by learning them to make goals and by learning them defensive moves. Your Furrls will store all these moves in their smart neural brains!


Once the training is done, unleash your little critter in one of the online multiplayer matches and see how well it does against the many other trained Furrls in the world. The winner takes home the honor!

More games...

Furrl Football is just the first of many games in the Furrl World. The Furrl Word consists of many thematic islands on which a unique game can be played. As said, the first island will be Football Island, but many more islands will follow soon, like Shuffle Puck Island, Sheep herder Island and Whack a Mole Island.

Each island is home to a new Furrl and unique new apparel. The ever growing number of unlockable islands in the Furrl World will ensure the player’s Furrls keep evolving by playing fun and engaging games!

View on a computer screen to play the prototype!

In-depth overview

Step 1: Choose your Furrls

A Furrl has distinctive properties. Some of these properties are only cosmetic, like the appearance and wearables. Other properties have a direct influence on the way it plays games or the way it can be trained.

  • Appearance
    • Species
    • Wearables
  • Capacity
    • Neural network size
    • Senses
    • Capabilities
      • Speed
      • Strength
      • Mass
      • Special moves

Step 2: Train your Furrls

You train your Furrl in a game by manually playing it. During training your Furrl will learn patterns in your actions. When you release the controls, the Furrl takes over and performs the action that it deems fit for the situation at hand. Because each Furrl has different capabilities, you can train multiple Furrls in different ways and deploy them as a team, with each Furrl bringing its own talent to the game.

When you think the performance is right, it’s time to let your Furrl compete online. Challenge your friends and rise up in the public leaderboards with your team of specialized Furrls.

Step 3: Draft your Furrls

The first Game released in the Furrl World is football. The collection will steadily expand with other games: ball sports like ice hockey and basketball, but also different types of minigames like whack-a-mole, escape and herding sheep.

Furrls are unique characters owned by players. A Furrl can participate in any game, but it will have to be trained.

A Furrl contains a neural network for each game. The size of this network determines the complexity of its behavior: a larger network is more difficult to train, but can display more intelligent behavior. The inputs to this neural network are the Furrls’ senses: for instance in a ball game the relative position of the ball, the position of the Furrl within the field, etc. The outputs of the network are connected to the Furrls’ abilities: e.g. move left/right, move up/down, perform a special move like dash forward.

Step 4: Trade your Furrls

In addition to the three generic Furrls, generations of unique signature Furrls will be released at specific intervals as NFTs. Once you own one of these signature Furrls, it is yours to keep, train, or trade. The trained abilities and earned rewards are linked to the NFT. So instead of owning a static asset, it will evolve over time, acquiring skills and reputation.

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